A Concise History of HAGYUJI TEMPLE

HAGYUJI TEMPLE was constructed around 1193, during the “Kamakura Period”
By the retired emperor, TOBA ZYOUKOU. The original building site was Situated at ZIROMARU HONDEN approximately 200 meters south of HAGYUJI TEMPL’s present day location. Many religious hall and buildings were built on the site. The Age of the Civil Wars commenced though out Japan with warlord’s trying to gain control of many regions. SHIKOKU ISLAND was not left untouched. TAKAKAGE-KOBAYAKAWA, a warlord from KOCHI prefecture attacked TOKUSIMA, KAGAWA and EHIME prefecture’s occupying and taking control of SHIKOKU ISLAND. At this time HAGYUJI TEMPLE’s halls and buildings were destroyed by his army who attacked the people and burned the buildings to the ground as an act of war. Sometime after the war when peace prevailed the then Abbot GENGAI stared to construct a temporary HAGYUJI TEMPLE, on the present day site, from the remaining unburned building materials rescued from the devastation of war. HAGYUJI TEMPLE’s rebirth and reconstruction has been continued for over 420 Years by many priests.

In 1984, HAGYUJI TEMPLE’s old main hall was relocated 20 meters east and a new main hall built to commemorate the SINGON SECT Buddhist founder, KUKAI, who had fallen into deep meditation for 1500 years at KOYASAN and other sacred places. For a longtime before and during the construction of HAGYUJI TEMPLE’s new main hall the present abbot, YUGEN, gave serious thought of how to explain Buddha’s teachings simply for all people to understand.

After careful consideration YUGEN had a bright idea. He decided the best way to describe Buddha’s teaching was to paint Buddha’s Eyes on the top the roof, looking north across Niihama city to the see and islands beyond and looking south to the sky and mountains influencing all living things. Buddha’s Eyes have many important meanings: How to gaze or look at the true facts of life. How to question the facts the of life. How to understand all livings, beings, people, animals and creatures.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited HAGYUJI TEMPE on the 2nd Nouvember, 2009, Praying for peace in the world and to dedicate a Tibetan style Buddhist pagoda which had been built to commemorate His Holiness Dalai Lama being awarded the Nobel prze . His Holiness the Dalai Lama became the “Nobel Peace Laureate” in 1998 for his never ending work promoting peace, harmony and compassion to all throughout our troubled world. He continues to travel in the would preaching, lecturing his thoughts, and spreading Buddha’s gospel to those who will listen and believe in peace. His Holiness the Dalai Lama was exiled from Tibet in 1959 and sought refuge in India, where he continues to reside today. After years of protracted request the Niihama City Hall engineers finally decided To upgrade the drainage and road systems around HAGYUUJI TEMPLE. This project enabled ABBOTO YUGEN to finalize his dream and complete the Restoration of HAGYUJI TEMPLE.

In January 2017, the construction was restarted. The stone wall was completed with many storns from Oshima Island then a rampart was built on top of the stone wall surrounding and protecting HAGYUJI TEMPLE’s grounds. All this rebuilding was completed on schedule. so the restoration was accomplished and finished before the end of the year.